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What are the common types of paper corners?

Release time:2020-03-16 14:07:18  Views:70

Paper corners are products that can be customized according to customers, so there are many specifications, mainly in three types.

L-shaped bending paper corner:

The L-shaped paper corner is made of sand tube paper kraft paper pressed and laminated by a corner protector, and the angle of the corner is 90°.

Side lengths can be done on the same side, or they can be made in the same size. For example: 1000*40*60*5mm, it is an inequality specification. The specification range of the corner protector is relatively large, and the length can be cut. Generally, the normal range is 100mm-3000mm, and it can also be adjusted according to customer requirements. The width ranges from 30mm to 100mm and the thickness ranges from 2.5mm to 8mm. Stamping is also available, and the desired pattern is printed according to the customer's request. The color is generally cattle card color, but also according to customer requirements, the surface is white paper, the appearance is more beautiful.

Plum buckle paper corner, open 90 degree paper corner:

Plum buckles and 90° paper corners require additional molds to be punched out according to different shapes. Specifications can also be customized according to customer requirements. Side length can also be used for unequal specifications. Due to the limitation of the mold, the width is generally not less than 40mm, the thickness should not be too thick, and the conventional one is 3-5mm. If it is too thick, it will easily burst when it is buckled. Mainly used for wrap angles to protect the corners of the product from damage.

U-shaped paper corner protector:

The use of U-shaped paper corners is relatively small, and it is necessary to make a mold and punch the upper mold. It is generally used in conjunction with honeycomb panels and is mainly used for packaging in the glass, lighting and furniture industries.

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