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Five characteristics of honeycomb carton

Release time:2020-03-16 14:11:44  Views:81

The honeycomb carton is made by punching, cutting and bonding honeycomb paperboard, and the corner interface is firmly adhered by paper corner or kraft paper. Generally, it is fixed in the whole, and it can also be detachable and not connected. Can be combined with a tray for easier handling and loading. It is a new environmentally friendly packaging product that can be directly exported.

The main features of the honeycomb carton are:

1. The raw material is honeycomb paperboard, which is light in weight and convenient for transportation. The bearing capacity is relatively large, generally can bear several hundred kilograms, can be customized according to customer requirements, choose the appropriate size and thickness. To a large extent, the honeycomb carton is attached to the product.

2. Honeycomb cartons are paper products that do not require fumigation compared to wood. Environmentally friendly products can be recycled.

3. Honeycomb carton has good cushioning performance and high compressive strength. Buffering is several times higher than other materials. The weight is also 60% lighter.

4. It has good sealing performance and can be fixed or assembled. The assembled assembly is convenient to save transportation space. Save transportation costs, save manpower and material resources, and effectively maintain products.

5. The thickness of the honeycomb carton board is 20mm, which can be made thicker. Compared with other packaging containers, the collision performance is good. Can play a very good protection for the product.

Honeycomb carton is generally used in machinery parts, furniture, home appliances, packaging and other industries. It is a packaging product with high cost performance. It is more beautiful and better than ordinary carton.

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